Mesenger Express operate a fleet of modern vehicles ideally suited to provide versatility and economy, whatever the consignment, from large parcels to pallets you can count on Mesenger Express to deliver your goods safely and on time...


All our drivers are required to wear company livery, high visibility wear and safety footwear to satisfy your own and you're customer's health and safety policies.        These procedures are also undertaken for your security and peace of mind.

All our drivers carry mobile phones and can be contacted directly by any customer.

All our vehicles are fitted with GPS 'Fleet Tracker' navigation systems to deter any inconsistencies with the location of our vehicle and constantly monitor driver performance ensuring easily attainable accurate ETA (Estimated time of arrival).

We can not fail on any of these services as we personally ensure of drivers are   properly equipped for the job.

We do not outsource any of our services.





Distribution Services

We will adapt and mould to all you're collection & delivery requirements. We will even undertake specialist training if necessary to serve your individual needs and those of you're customer(s), i.e., in-store installations, on-site assemblies, stock merchandising or just something as simple as collecting and delivering you're consignment at your specified times. To the precise minute!

All our vehicles are operated by Mesenger Express.

Unlike some other Transport and Haulage companies in operation, Mesenger Express personally undertakes their responsibilities and services. We do not 'outsource' any of our services making us 100% accountable for all our services provided.

Fleet Support

We have our own in-house 'Fleet Support Unit' for the purpose of undertaking vigorous vehicle maintenance schedules and end of journey vehicle inspections ensuring that our superior reliability record continues.

Should the unforeseeable happen on the road, IE a puncture, burst hose etc, we will dispatch our nearest 'Fleet Support Vehicle' to rectify the problem in order to keep our delivery on schedule. We have our 'Fleet support vehicles' at various locations throughout the UK ensuring fast reaction.